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Crossing the Finish Line

Testimonials from Elite Athletes

“Training with Mike DiStefano has been the absolute highlight of my athletic career.  Over my years as an athlete, I've worked out with professional athletes, staff members of the Olympic Training Center, and strength coaches in a Division I varsity weight room.  None of them have even come close to Mike in expertise, intuition, understanding of physiology and his ability to perceive the most subtle limitations or imbalances.  You haven't trained right until you've spent time with Michael DiStefano.  Don't wait any longer!”


Stacey Richardson

Professional tri-athlete

National Champion- Women 35-39 

North Carolina State Champion for Elite Women 2007, 2008, 2009


"I started seeing Mike after struggling with injuries for two years. He helped me build strength, balance and stability to prevent injuries while also increasing speed. He has helped me take my training and racing to a new level!"


JoAnna Younts

2007 USA Triathlon All-American and World Championship Qualifier

Testimonials from Athletes Recovering After an ACL Reconstruction

“Mike DiStefano is wonderful - his practice offers services unlike any physical therapy or training facility I've ever encountered.  His evaluation process goes far beyond what standard health care providers offer, and his deep knowledge of the body and physiology allows him to uncover the source of the problem, not just treat the site of discomfort.  Mike has treated our whole family, from my daughter's ACL tear, my son's knee fracture, to my husband's M.S. related issues.  If you have pain or functional limitations, see Mike.  His skills surpass all others we've encountered in this field, and he is warm, friendly, and caring!”


“My personal appreciation for Mike as a person/athletic trainer is very strong as he was there for my daughter from day one of her ACL injury/surgery.  He developed a post rehabilitation workout program and personally worked with her one on one to achieve her goals of getting back to her activities and being better and stronger. Mike’s personality and attitude towards his clients is very caring and professional.  He takes great pride in the fine tune details of the way a person moves and truly enjoys working with people and watching them achieve their goals.”


“We met Mike 8 weeks after my daughter's ACL surgery.  Long story short she was struggling with physical therapy with one issue after another and making little to no progress.  She was even walking with a significant limp.  Mike was the only one to finally address her limp and spent the majority of the first appointment just working on her walking.  By the end of that appointment her limp was hardly noticeable!  Within a few weeks we discontinued PT and just trained with Mike.  Others told my daughter that returning to play 8 months after surgery was not a realistic goal due to all the obstacles she had to endure. For a 13 year old this was crushing news and made the recovery almost unbearable.  Fortunately Mike was amazing! Not only did he work on strengthening her “surgically repaired leg” he also did the same for the other leg while also working on core, upper body strength and learning how to absorb the pressure of landing and cutting.  I was especially grateful that he explained everything along the way. He took the time to set realistic goals, explain certain pains and what they meant. In one month her strength went from 37% to 96% compared to her “good” leg!! He took her from not being able to walk well to full return to sports in the 5 months we worked with him. We are both eternally grateful for Mike.  If not working with him, my daughter realistically would not have returned to sports as quickly, safely, and successfully as she did. Mike gave my daughter a reason to push and work hard and never let the bumps in the road distract her.  Our only way to repay him for such excellent quality care is to tell others our story and send others to Mike for treatment and training. Thank God we met Mike!  What a blessing he has been!”


“My 14 year old daughter is a highly competitive alpine ski racer who tore her ACL and meniscus while racing.  Following surgery and an initial round of physical therapy, she began working with Mike at her surgeon’s recommendation.  Mike immediately assessed her situation and plotted a plan to return her to her sport –a sport which is especially demanding on knees.  She worked with him regularly for six months, during which time Mike methodically increased her level of exertion, while always exercising caution not to push harder than appropriate.  During this period, Mike regularly tested her strength and flexibility to objectively quantify her progress.  Eventually, she entered a return to play protocol, which ultimately led to her successful return to training and competition.  She continues to work with Mike to maintain strength and confidence in her knee.  Mike’s personal interest and obvious care for my daughter made me feel confident that she was in the right hands and would be able to return to the high level of performance she was at pre-injury.  Her on-snow comfort and confidence has increased each week of the season, and without Mike’s efforts and personal care, she would not be back to where she is.”

Testimonials from Parents of Youth Athletes

“My two sons, ages 12 and 13 work out with Mike with a focus on dynamic strength, agility and speed enhancement.  Mike has a firm yet fun manner and has developed an excellent rapport with my two sons.  They look forward to their weekly workouts with him.  He is well versed in the latest research as it pertains to athletic performance and injury prevention.  I would recommend Mike to adults and parents of children who are serious and committed to improving their athletic performance.”

Brian K


“It has been a joy for my son to work with Mike.  Mike has taken a tall, skinny, bony 14 year old and has built up his frame in addition to his confidence in a way that my son has felt like it was fun, new, and exciting. Working with Mike has built up Lee's strength and stability in addition to his baseball skills.  From these experiences, Lee has learned how to take care of his body better as an athlete.  Lee and I brag on Mike's technique to his fellow ball players.”


“Mike is dialed in on the student-athlete with exceptional interpersonal skills in addition to his vast knowledge. He approaches athletic performance with a physical therapist’s mindset so the exercises performed safely and correct. Working with Mike has increased strength and flexibility that has led to better athletic performance in addition to building injury prevention.

Mike truly wants the best for your athlete. My child looks forward to being there each week and has been empowered to take care of her body.”


“Mike has become an integral part of my daughter’s growth as an athlete and player. His unique combination of injury prevention, athletic conditioning, and understanding of mechanics has completely reshaped her form and helped her build strength in a short period of time. More importantly, he’s built a relationship with her that brings out her best self and helped her develop a love for the process that will serve her well as she grows.”

Testimonials from Adult Athletes

“This past summer I was on a 100 mile ride when I injured my knee. I was very concerned I would not be able to continue riding. A friend referred me to Mike and it may have been one of the best referrals I have received! He assured me he would be able to get me back in shape so that I could accomplish my goal of riding in Israel just a few weeks down the road, and I did. His knowledge, diagnostic abilities and approach to developing an effective treatment plan set him apart. He is confident but also understands his limits and shoots straight. I have recommended him to several of my friends and recommend him highly to anyone in need of his services."



“I'm 50+ years old, and after years of so-called "working out" on my own, I am now more fit than I ever imagined. Mike immediately spotted a muscle imbalance in my hip that lead to my long-term knee pain.  He provides motivation, support, encouragement, and a never-ending supply of new exercises that keep me coming back for more!"


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